Popular Country Chic Cottage Design

The country chic cottage design is fairly popular. This design can be easily identified from its color palette, furniture, and accessories. The design of the chick cottage has to be based on the natural finishes and materials. When stone wall in implemented in the country classic home, we can move the stone wall outdoor in our cottage design of country chic. Then, inside the home, we can apply some architectural elements like niches, arches, baseboards, and ceiling beams. We can leave them in unfinished or rustic style. For instance, we can paint our walls in sunny yellow or antique white. Then, we can use cobalt blue as the border. We can accessorize the floor with deep green, blue, or red oriental rugs.

Country chic cottage design also has rustic furniture. For the bedroom, we can have a wrought iron bed frame with four posters. Or, in the living room, we can some throw pillows in contrasting patterns, like grapevines, fleur-de-lis, toile, paisley, flowers. A striped couch is can also be applied in our country chic design. If we have some benches of rustic wood, we can add a coffee table of Moroccan. To add the look of cottage style, we can opt for some hidden storage, like some desks with some built-in bookcases, some magazine racks under the coffee tables, or some ottomans which are completed by lids.

If we have country chic cottage design, we have to also look for some proper accessories. Since country cottage does not have exact rules in accessories, we can look for chine accessories which have similar colors, styles, and patterns with the country design. We can hang our photograph and collection in some open shelves. Then, we can hang them on the wall. Besides, we can also add some natural accessories like wildflowers which are placed in rusty buckets into the room.