Best Minimalist Home Design With A Sleek Concrete Structure

A home which is regarded as the best minimalist home design with a sleek concrete structure is the Jyoushin House. It is a residence in minimalist style which is located in Aiti of Japan. This residence is designed by a Japaness architect, Noriyoshi Morimura. Its fa├žade consists of concrete structure which is sleek and combined with some glass fixtures which span onto the length of upper level.

The main door of this best minimalist home design with a sleek concrete structure is located far from the main street. It is aimed at serving the private boundary between the private and public spaces. At this home, main entrance is made of metal gate. It is located at the frontage of the home as the barrier of front courtyard privacy. Then, the dining area and kitchen is located at the places where can be assessed quickly and easily from the main entrance.

The best minimalist home design with a sleek concrete structure exposes the concrete which is smoothly transited from the outdoor architecture into the indoor one. The concrete structure will blend perfectly with the furniture and wall texture of smoked woods. This home’s architects carefully design the home by maximizing the privacy.

For the sleeping area, this home incorporates white color which is supplemented by the vivid one. Its stunning color is created using color accents of sunny yellow, earthy brown, azure blue or bold violet. The favorite colors schemes are white and black. For the bed, the minimalist home applies bed with simple fabric, shape, ornament, and head bed. Some storage drawers are also hidden installed underneath the bed. The furniture of the bed room is also clutter free and simple. The knobs and pulls not exist there. The nightstands are placed beside the bed to place lamps and to store personal items like book, mobile phone, glasses, weaker, or hair pin.